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Rebate Form Continental Tire Winter Contact SiConsider a Continental Tire Rebate if you need a new tire and are unsure where to find a good deal. Tire manufacturers offer allied solutions together with their car tires. Some suppliers include more auto pieces, tune-up professional services, and brake pad alternatives in the price tag on their wheels. By doing this, you can find new wheels without spending a lot of money. Read on to figure out how to declare a Continental Wheel Refund. We hope this information assists you to come to a decision. Rebate Form Continental Tire Winter Contact Si.

Needs to publish a claim

Submitting a Continental Tire refund claim will save you a lot of money. To submit your state, you must purchase a new tire in the contributing store and have a valid provide code. You will also should supply your purchase date and address. Offering inaccurate information and facts may lead to prosecution. Continental reserves the right to request additional information in order to verify your claim. The site will upgrade its position every 24 hours.

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Upon having the desired information and facts, visit the Continental Tire rebates web site. In order to submit a compensation claim, you have got to give you the offer you rule as well as the day you bought the auto tires. After you have the information, distribute your declare and hang on up to 8 several weeks for your personal rebate to be packaged. Your rebate is going to be granted by means of a Visa Prepaid greeting card from the label in the individual that posted the form. This cards will likely be reasonable for six months as well as untouched money will likely be forfeited following this time.

Expiration date of claim

You may want to check out the Continental Tire rebate if you are looking for new tires for your vehicle. You can state a $100 rebate if you acquire four qualifying Continental wheels. These wheels are the SportContact 3 and 2 versions, the 5P, as well as the 6R. If you’re not sure which one to purchase, this is the perfect opportunity to save money on tires, even though continental tires are among the industry’s best.


To get the most out of your Continental Wheel rebate, you’ll have to buy a pair of auto tires that fulfill the company’s qualifications. These car tires should be bought in between February 2019, 1 and March 30, 2020. The offer you comes with an expiry particular date, which is further down every image website link. To get the most from the offer, you’ll ought to finish a easy form. When you’ve finished the shape, you may claim your refund.

Cost of new car tires

The corporation Continental Tire the Americas, LLC fairly recently introduced the prices of decide on Continental and Basic auto tires will increase. These increases are effective Jan3 and 2022, and can vary by product. Direct clients will view the new rates on Dec. 1. Prices of Continental auto tires are considerably greater than those of affordable rubberized tires, which might struggle to keep up with the raise. So what does all this mean for consumers? Properly, here’s a short look at the key benefits of new Continental tires.

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The Continental ProContact TX is a great all-season touring wheel for crossovers and SUVs. It offers exceptional miles and quiet ride, when delivering highly effective braking abilities. This wheel is available in diverse tread depths starting from 5-10. The cost of an 8.5/32″ tread-depth Continental wheel is around $150. Rate indexes on Continental car tires range between H to W. For example, H is higher than W, so if you are planning on using the tires in light snow, you might want to get the 7.5-inch-deep model.

Quality of Continental auto tires

Whilst you could be astonished to discover that Continental tires are not exactly cheap, you must not ignore their high quality. They undergo thorough testing before they’re launched. As opposed to Michelin and also other lower-charge manufacturers, Continental wheels have substantial protection standards. They are also manufactured from substantial-top quality materials and are available with warranties which cover the tread lifestyle. To acquire an exact picture of methods Continental wheels execute, you can check out testimonials. Look for the two negative and positive reviews. Consumers generally rate Continental auto tires adequately.

To guarantee that the car tires work on their very best, Continental assessments every single model for compatibility with all the vehicle. The company runs each tire at least 25 million miles each year. Alternatively, around the world six times. In addition, it exams car tires less than all temperatures and conditions. That way, Continental tires function a lot better than inexpensive rubberized auto tires. The company also uses an advanced production method. The outcome? A more reliable tire. Peace of mind, even though when you buy a Continental tire, you’re not only guaranteed superior performance.

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